Here are the dosage instructions for use:

Add the product to ordinary tap water and stir for one minute (Use the scoop provided). The dosage is 3.5 grams per 5 litres (5000ml). Adjust the dosage quantity based on the amount of water you wish to prepare for usage. Disinfect by spraying into the air or onto surfaces that may contain pathogens. For more information and usage guidelines and ideas, see the “Uses” page. Caution: Although this product is non toxic (If the recommended dosage is followed) it should not be ingested or swallowed and you should keep out of reach of children.

It is non toxic to humans and animals and is not designed to be ingested or swallowed.


Assume you wished to prepare 10 litres of solution, the calculation would be 7 grams per 10 litres or 10 000ml.

Preparation precautions

The product in its unmixed powder form, or once mixed should not be exposed to moisture, nor direct sunlight, nor oxygen (air). If it is, the efficacy of the product will diminish and it will become unusable. Once the product is exposed to air, it starts to oxidize.

Once a hand wipe has been used or opened, discard it as it cannot be used more than once nor after opening.
Sanitizing hand wipes

The pocket sized spray bottle should be kept tightly closed at all times.

100ml spray bottle

The aerosol is a sealed pressurized container and cannot and should not be opened, except for as per the instructions on the product label.


When you are removing a dose from the 1kg bag, unseal it, remove the product and re-seal tightly as soon as possible. Before doing so, ensure that you squeeze or push the sides of the bag to force any air left behind out of the bag. In other words, create an airtight vacuum.


When using the large 25kg containers, open the lid and remove the quantity you require as quickly as possible and then re-seal the lid by ensuring the lid clicks firmly shut all the way around the lid’s circumference. Once it is tightly closed and the lid is firmly clicked in place you should remove any left behind excess air in the sealed bucket container.

To do this, locate the recessed/partly removed area on the lip of the lid

and then place one hand on the centre of the lid and lift the recessed part of the lid slightly upwards with your other hand. Then press firmly downwards on the centre of the lid which effectively pushes the left behind air out of the container.