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Designed to Disinfect and Sanitize

Virus Knockout is a miracle product that is the most effective pathogen eliminator available anywhere in the world today! By pathogen we mean bacteria, fungus or a virus. We are not aware of any other similar product available anywhere that can claim to kill off a virus, whilst being non toxic, cost effective and so freely available for use by the general public.

The product is a white, non toxic, non chlorine based, odourless powder that is mixed with ordinary tap water into a solution that can be sprayed into the air or onto any surface that may contain a pathogen. The product is designed to eliminate the pathogen within minutes after contact.

In addition, when applied, it is non sticky and refreshes the air and surfaces it comes into contact with. This is because it also kills off any foul smells excreted into the environment. So it not only sanitizes, but it refreshes and reinvigorates thair air as well! It’s a dream to use!

Here’s why using a spray is the most effective means of applying a pathogen sanitizer. You can use a hand sanitizer that is mainly alcohol based and is highly toxic and causes cancer (see the Dangers of alcohol page for more info), or you can use a non toxic sanitizer such as Virus Knockout.

Viruses linger and stay behind on everyday surfaces that we come into contact with. We touch our faces more than one hundred times per day Is it possible to sanitize your hands before each time you touch your face on an ongoing basis for years to come? It only needs you to forget once and all those preventative efforts will have been in vain and you could still get sick! After all, we all touch everything all the time, from paper to desks, to cellphones, to our pc’s, to chairs to door handles to railings and everything else and all these objects facilitate a virus remaining behind and still being contagious from hours to days afterwards! This means if you touch an infected surface and then your face or breathe in infected air, you will probably get sick. This makes it virtually impossible to avoid unless your environment is disinfected with a spray!

Imagine entering an empty room, only to get sick from the viruses left behind by a previous occupant hours before you!! Yikes! And that could be from touching the office door handle or boardroom chair or simply breathing in the air!

You can clean your hands one hundred times per day, but that won’t stop you from breathing in contaminated germs in the air?

The only effective method to prevent being contaminated is to sanitize your environment, including the objects you touch and the air that you breathe indoors. See the chart below that shows you just how long a virus lives –

The Lifespan Of A Virus On Surfaces We
All Touch And In The Air We All Breathe

Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH),

So how does it work?

In two words, it “oxidizes it”. Virus Knockout is a miracle oxidizer based on innovative, leading edge, breakthrough, revolutionary chemical science.

The process of killing bacteria and other microorganisms is known as sterilization. In other words, sterilization refers to any process that eliminates, removes, kills or deactivates all forms of biological agents like fungi, bacteria and viruses. Sterilization involves many physical and chemical changes in a cell, which finally leads to the removal or destruction of that cell.

Virus Knockout attacks by disrupting the cell processes causing the separation of cell proteins from the cell, inactivating enzymes in the cell and leaking amino acids from the cell. It attacks the bacterial cell walls by altering their physical, chemical and biochemical structure and so terminates the cells’ vital functions, killing the microorganisms through a sequence of events during disinfection such as:

Disrupting the cell wall barrier by reacting with target sites on the cell surface

Releasing vital cellular constituents from the cell

Terminating membrane-associated functions

Terminating cellular functions within the cell

During the course of these events, the microorganism dies, meaning it is no longer capable of growing or causing disease.

Virus Knockout is sold as a powder that can be mixed with water in 1kg, 25kg and 50kg sizes and in various other pre-mixed options. The user simply mixes it with tap water or uses one of the already mixed pre-prepared options and then applies it to all areas that require cleaning. By cleaning we mean it disinfects and sanitizes any surface, area or environment where it is applied.

See the other pages of this site that cover the wide range of uses and applications of this product, the dosage, and how to order.

The Miracle Virus and Bacteria